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This is a strategy demonstration resource to help instructors successfully implement a Take a Stand activity.

Students engage in critical thinking and conversation around contested public issue statements. Instructors choose a contested public issue statement and students take a stand along the continuum based on their claim about the issue.

This activity is especially useful to help frame a discussion on controversial issues because it invites students to share their opinions about an issue. The method exposes students to the diversity of viewpoints on the topic and provides students an opportunity to express positions on controversial issues and to practice communication skills. This is a good initial activity to assess student knowledge before a lesson and can also be useful to assess student understanding after a lesson. Because the method involves physical movement of students, it often motivates students who are normally quiet in class to speak out.

This resource bundle includes:

  • A short video demonstrating the strategy (view above or on YouTube)
  • A facilitator guide that provides detailed implementation instructions
  • Binary sign templates for classroom use (e.g., Agree/Disagree, Yes/No, etc.)
  • A tip sheet to help instructors develop issue statements that will work well with this teaching strategy

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