Classroom Guide to Mock Trials and Moot Courts

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  • Format: Paperback book (242 pages) 
  • Ideal for: grades 9-12
  • Written by: Alexandra M. Ashbrook, JD
  • © 2004 by the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 
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This guide prepares teachers to conduct nine mock trials and six moot courts in their classrooms. 

Mock Trial Lesson Plans

  1. The Trial: How Do You Get There?
  2. Steps in a Trial: What Are They?
  3. The Jury: How Do You Select One?
  4. A Talk Show: What's the Case About?
  5. Theory of the Case and Opening Statements
  6. Opening Statements, Witness Examinations, and Closing Arguments
  7. The Rules of Evidence and Procedure
  8. The Mock Trial
  9. Debriefing the Mock Trial

Also included are resources on time factors, student involvement, judge or jury?, classroom arrangement, selecting and instructing the clerk, preparing the observers, and a mock trial administrative checklist. The nine mock trials included range from simple trials that can be completed in one or two 45-minute class periods to slightly more complex trials that require two to five class periods to prepare and challenging trials that require multiple weeks of student preparation.  

The trials cover practical legal topics, including: 

  • assault and battery
  • landlord/tenant issues
  • child custody
  • social host liability
  • breach of contract
  • freedom of the press
  • workplace sexual harassment
  • strict liability and negligence
  • tort law

Moot Court Lesson Plans

  1. The Court System: Who Decides?
  2. The Court System: How Do You Appeal?
  3. A Mini-Case Study: You Be the Justice
  4. A Mini-Case Study: Deciphering the Actual Opinion
  5. Precedent: What's That Gotta Do with It?
  6. The Anatomy of a Case Study: Putting the Pieces Together
  7. Moot Court: It's Show Time

Also included are resources on student involvement, classroom arrangement, and a moot court administrative checklist.  

The cases cover the following topics:

  • Civil rights: Title IX and sexual harassment in schools
  • First Amendment: Freedom of Religion
  • Constitutional Law: Equal protection based on gender
  • Civil rights: discrimination based on disability
  • Fourth Amendment: search and seizure
  • 14th Amendment: equal protection and affirmative action