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Street Law’s Legal Life Skills Program teaches young people and adults vulnerable to racism and injustice about their legal rights and responsibilities. It builds participants’ knowledge, day-to-day life skills, and confidence to help them advocate for themselves and their communities.

Legal Life Skills lessons ask participants to consider the law as it is written and how that may differ from the law as it is applied. Lessons are also designed to provide participants with more information about local laws and related community resources.

These lessons adhere to Street Law’s strict standard of quality, which include comprehensive reviews by educators, legal experts, program participants, an expert in trauma-informed care, and our Community Empowerment and Justice Programs team. The library was reviewed, revised, and updated in 2023.

This teacher license includes access to 20 lesson plans, each including a detailed guide for lesson facilitation, links to instructional materials, lesson-specific instructor notes, and an optional corresponding slide deck.

Housing and Employment Law Unit

  1. Interviewing for a Job: Know Your Strengths and Rights
  2. Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace (Sample Lesson)
  3. Negotiating and Signing a Residential Lease
  4. Rights and Responsibilities After Moving into a Rental Property

Financial Literacy Unit

  1. Introduction to Credit
  2. Applying for Credit
  3. Avoiding and Resolving Credit Problems
  4. Banking Basics

Personal and Public Safety Unit

  1. Child Abuse and Neglect
  2. Dating and Sexual Assault
  3. Traffic Stops
  4. Rights and Responsibilities During an Arrest
  5. True Costs of Crime
  6. Restorative Justice and Supporting Victims of Crime

The Court System, Public Policy, and Civic Engagement Unit

  1. What Do Good Citizens Know, Believe, and Do?
  2. Introduction to Criminal Law: Should It Be a Crime?
  3. Introduction to Juvenile Justice
  4. Systemic Approaches to Conflict: The Justice System, Restorative Justice, and Prevention
  5. Gun Laws: What Are They? What Should They Be?
  6. Use of Force or Deadly Force

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