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This short video covers three essential teaching strategies. These tips will be most useful to non-educators that are using Street Law strategies and resources, such as law students or attorneys volunteering in classrooms.

  1. Wait Time is a simple strategy that facilitators can use to increase student engagement and improve student responses to a question.
  2. Checking for Understanding can be used at crucial moments in the lesson when students must understand directions or content so that the lesson may move forward.
  3. Focusing a lesson on Inquiry allows students to talk themselves to understanding and do the heavy intellectual lifting of the lesson.

This resource includes:

  • A short video demonstrating the strategies (view above or on YouTube)
  • “Facilitator Tips” Video Walkthrough Guide: This guide is designed to help prepare a group of law students to deliver Street Law lessons more effectively using research-based facilitation strategies. It can also be used to prepare other non-educators who are volunteering in the classroom.
  • Additional resources to learn more about checking for understanding, inquiry, student engagement, and modeling.

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