Street Law's Legal Life Skills Lessons

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Our Legal Life Skills Lessons are not currently available for individual purchase. Please contact us at if you are interested in partnering with Street Law to receive our Legal Life Skills training and curriculum.  

Lesson Index 

Unit 1: Housing & Employment Law

  1. Negotiating & Signing a Residential Lease
  2. Rights & Responsibilities After Moving Into a Rental Property
  3. Interviewing for a Job: Know Your Strengths & Your Rights
  4. Rights & Responsibilities in the Workplace

Unit 2: Financial Literacy

  1. Introduction to Credit
  2. Applying for Credit
  3. Avoiding & Resolving Credit Problems
  4. Banking Basics

Unit 3: Personal and Public Safety

  1. The True Costs of Crime
  2. Dating & Sexual Assault
  3. Triggers: Skills for Managing Anger
  4. Rights & Responsibilities During an Arrest
  5. Use of Force or Deadly Force
  6. Restorative Justice & Supporting Victims of Crime
  7. Child Abuse & Neglect: Reducing Risk. Building Resilience,
  8. Traffic Stops: Your Rights & Responsibilities

Unit 4: The Court System, Public Policy, & Civic Engagement

  1. Introduction to Criminal Law: Should It Be a Crime?
  2. Introduction to the Juvenile Justice System
  3. What Does a Good Citizen Know, Believe, and Do?
  4. Gun Laws: What Are They? What Should They Be?

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