Street Law's Legal Life Skills Lessons

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Our Legal Life Skills Lessons are not currently available for individual purchase. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in partnering with Street Law to receive our Legal Life Skills training and curriculum.  

Lesson Index 

Unit 1: Housing & Employment Law

  1. Negotiating & Signing a Residential Lease
  2. Rights & Responsibilities After Moving Into a Rental Property
  3. Interviewing for a Job: Know Your Strengths & Your Rights
  4. Rights & Responsibilities in the Workplace

Unit 2: Financial Literacy

  1. Introduction to Credit
  2. Applying for Credit
  3. Avoiding & Resolving Credit Problems
  4. Banking Basics

Unit 3: Personal and Public Safety

  1. The True Costs of Crime
  2. Dating & Sexual Assault
  3. Triggers: Skills for Managing Anger
  4. Rights & Responsibilities During an Arrest
  5. Use of Force or Deadly Force
  6. Restorative Justice & Supporting Victims of Crime
  7. Child Abuse & Neglect: Reducing Risk. Building Resilience,
  8. Traffic Stops: Your Rights & Responsibilities

Unit 4: The Court System, Public Policy, & Civic Engagement

  1. Introduction to Criminal Law: Should It Be a Crime?
  2. Introduction to the Juvenile Justice System
  3. What Does a Good Citizen Know, Believe, and Do?
  4. Gun Laws: What Are They? What Should They Be?

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