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Deliberations allow teachers to help students cooperatively discuss contested political issues by carefully considering multiple perspectives and searching for consensus. Deliberations help students develop a deeper understanding of issues, engage in critical thinking, make decisions based on evidence and logic, respect others' points of view, and identify multiple perspectives associated with the Deliberation topic. (Read a more detailed description of the Deliberation model.)

This Street Law resource includes:

  • A short video demonstrating the strategy (see below or watch it on YouTube)
  • A packet of four handouts to help guide students through the deliberations process:
    • Handout A: Deliberation Guide
    • Handout B: Deliberation Notes
    • Handout C: Free Discussion & Individual Reflection
    • Handout D: Post-Deliberation Self-Assessment & Feedback
  • A customizable PowerPoint slide deck to accompany deliberation activities in the classroom

The resources in this bundle are designed to be paired with Street Law's deliberation materials. You can find these materials on a variety of contested political issues in the Street Law Resource Library.

This video is also available in Russian, Uzbek, and Ukrainian

Additional details:

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